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What to Know About Spring Wreaths, Garlands, and Artificial Flowers

A festive spring wreath or spring garland is one of the quickest and most economical ways to freshen up your decor for the new season. A spring wreath with silky artificial stems and blooms of stunning hydrangeas, peonies, or other springtime favorites lets you welcome the season worry-free. Our high-quality spring flowers and wreaths have such realistic details, silky textures, and refined construction you can enjoy fresh looks all season long. Read on to learn more about these simple yet stunning spring decor additions!

Bring the Outdoors Inside with Spring Flowers and Garlands

Spring floral wreaths aren't just for your front door. They create attractive focal points above a fireplace or on a bare wall. Spring garlands also add a delicate, airy touch to any shelf, door frame, or spring tabletop. Draped on a dining table, a spring garland can serve as a spring floral centerpiece, bringing delicate buds and pastel petals closer to every seat.

Sleek flower arrangements of playful dogwood flowers with stalks of green leaves brighten any home or office without the upkeep of regular watering. A masterfully crafted artificial bonsai tree revives any living space with realistic tiny cherry blossoms.

Build a tropical feel with a grand artificial orchid. Phalaenopsis provides a simple yet elegant statement on accent furniture such as an end table or side table. Artificial plants such as Zamioculcas (called "ZZ" for short), pothos, kalanchoe, rubber plants, and paradise palms add visual texture and depth through their rich, thick leaves and hardy stems.

Ways to Decorate Your Front Door for Spring

A spring wreath invites the season's warmth to your door in style - and in a way that suits your taste and spring outdoor decor. A spring door wreath of sunflowers is a traditional way to greet friends and family. Balance a spectrum of colorful blooms within an exposed circle of thin branches for a rustic or farmhouse look, or hang a wreath of wispy lavender for a modern and understated touch.

Want to embrace spring's hottest greens? An artificial spring wreath of lush boxwood bundles has an intricate look yet is sturdy enough to last throughout the season. Create a stately focal point with a spring wreath that gathers different textures and types of succulents, such as jade, echeveria, and agave. Evoke a Mediterranean getaway with a realistic-looking spring wreath of green olive branches, or set the stage for a relaxed get-together with a spring wreath that clusters green hydrangeas and graceful eucalyptus on a bed of deep green leaves.