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Frequently Asked All Weather Outdoor Fabric Furniture Questions

All Weather Outdoor Fabric by Ashley Furniture HomeStore

The outdoor space of your home is an escape. It’s the place that you retreat to on long days and where you lounge on the weekends. That’s why it’s so important to choose durable, all-weather pieces that last for years. All weather outdoor furniture is a worry-free solution for people who don’t want to fuss over maintenance. With innovative fabrics and materials, these pieces can handle anything Mother Nature can throw, ensuring that cleanups are a breeze. From outdoor pillows to fire pits to outdoor benches, whatever your needs, Ashley HomeStore is your one-stop shop for all outdoor decor and furniture.

How to Clean All Weather Outdoor Furniture

Due to its easy-to-clean materials, all weather outdoor furniture is incredibly easy to maintain. First, scrub the entire body of the chair or table with a dry brush. This ensures that all pollen and dust are removed within nooks and crannies while preventing scratches. Then with a sponge and dish soap, scrub the entire surface to make sure all stains and debris are removed. Once all grime has been sponged, rinse your piece with a hose and leave it to dry in a clean area. If your table and chairs set includes all weather patio cushions, follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before tossing it into a washing machine or using detergent!

What is the Best Outdoor Material?

Synthetic materials are perfect for outdoor spaces since they provide weather-resistance and are easy-to-clean. When looking for outdoor furniture materials consider all weather wicker furniture, these pieces are made from a synthetic plastic material but still have the look and feel of natural wicker. If you have kids or pets, choosing recycled plastic patio furniture is a great choice. These pieces are made from extremely durable POLYWOOD material that mimics the look of lumber while giving you the long-lasting toughness of high-density plastic. Want to learn more about outdoor furniture? Check out this helpful guide.

Should All Outdoor Furniture Pieces be All Weatherproof?

If a canopy covers your outdoor furniture or if it’s in a sunroom, there’s no real need for it to be weatherproof. If the items will be weathered by the elements or if they will be placed out into your yard, buying weatherproof furniture is the best option. These pieces are specifically made to withstand rain and moisture. Weatherproof furniture often comes bundled with easy to maintain cushions and pillows made with outdoor fabric that is colorfast under harsh sunlight. However, if you want the extra protection, weatherproof furniture is still a great option for your outdoor living space or patio.