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Frequently Asked Outdoor Lighting Questions

Outdoor Lighting by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Whether it’s deck post lights, wall lanterns or candle holders, you can find the perfect outdoor lighting for your space. Ashley HomeStore’s selection of lighting, gives outdoor areas warmth and light without the heavy price tag. From twinkly string lights for backyard dinners to romantic mood lighting for the patio, whatever you’re looking for, we have an affordable, stylish piece that will brighten up your outdoor area.

What are the Best Outdoor Lights for My Style?
Outdoor light fixtures come in hundreds of styles. From outdoor lanterns to table lamps, the light you need is out there. Bohemian and eclectic spaces were made for decorative patio lights like pendant lamps and string lights. This type of lighting adds quirky elements while evoking effortless boho-chic design. In modern outdoor spaces, lighting takes a second seat to sleek furniture and decor. Choose, outdoor wall lights and deck lighting to brighten up the space without taking focus away. Some outdoor spaces don’t even need elaborate lighting set-ups. Instead, simple portable table lamps or a fire pit will do just fine. Learn how to beautify your outdoor area with these helpful tips and tricks.

How to Hang Patio Lights
Depending on your patio light you can hang it in a number of places. Outdoor lanterns are hung from the ceiling requiring you to preassemble the light, inspect the outlet box for weight capacity and make sure there is proper mounting and wiring for the installation. Some lights are solar, using rechargeable batteries and the sun for power. All you have to do is stake the light into the ground or mount it to the wall, and wait for light. Hanging string lights is fairly easy but requires a lot of planning and mapping out. You have to make sure the lights are hung on secure points and have access to a proper power source.

What are Different Outdoor Lighting Options?
Incandescent, solar, LED – patio lights come in many forms. Outdoor lights come in wired and wireless formats, meaning that for some lighting you don’t need to install it into an outlet box. Many wireless outdoor lights are battery-powered or are solar, so all you have to is mount lights to a wall or fence. Outdoor LED lighting is great for people who want a low-maintenance and energy-efficient light for their space. These lights have a longer life span and come in a variety of color temperatures, giving homeowners more bang for their buck.