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Frequently Asked Dining Room Chairs Questions

Dining Room Chairs by Ashley HomeStore

Comfortable dining chairs encourage everyone to linger around the dining room table  for a good meal. Create an ambiance conducive to conversation with high-quality, durable dining room chairs from Ashley HomeStore. Whether you’re seeking black dining chairs, white dining chairs, or simple metal dining chairs, we have what you need to create the dining room of your dreams.

How Much Space Should There Be Between Dining Room Chairs?

In general, dining table chairs should be arranged at least 24 inches apart, as measured from the center of the seat. This goes for most chairs, including farmhouse dining chairs, leather dining chairs, and wicker dining chairs. Therefore, if each chair is 20 inches wide, a minimum of 8 inches between chairs will ensure ample elbow room. Larger dining chairs with arms such as mid-century modern dining chairs and velvet dining chairs should have at least 30 inches (from the center) between seats.

How Do You Clean Dining Room Chairs?

Upholstered dining chairs should be spot cleaned as needed with a solution of water and a few drops of dish soap. You can also vacuum them weekly to remove dirt and dust. Wooden dining chairs can be maintained the same way, although you can purchase a specific wood cleaner solution to make your chairs sparkle.

How Do You Reinforce Dining Room Chairs?

Whether you’re using a dining chairs set of 4 or 10, you want to be confident that your chairs will hold up to years of use. New Modern dining chairs typically do not need reinforcement, but don’t fret if you find your older chairs are a bit wobbly! You can use a mix of brackets and drills to secure seats and wobbling chair legs, or simply use a quality wicking glue on seat joints to harden the wood and prevent movement. Consult your owner’s manual for more specific information about maintaining your specific chairs.

What Kind of Fabric is Best for Dining Room Chairs?

Dining room chairs get a ton of wear that’s why it’s so important to choose a durable material for the seat. Thick cotton that is made for upholstery is a great choice if your dining room chairs have moderate use. Plus, this fabric can be cleaned very easily with a spot cleaner. If your chairs get daily wear, linen is a great heavy-weight fabric that’s not only eco-friendly but extremely stain resistant. If you enjoy a more traditional look, leather chairs are right up your alley. Leather and leatherette materials are not only durable, they also age gracefully. Learn how you can refresh your home with this Dining Chairs and Bar Stools Guide.