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Frequently Asked Aluminum Outdoor Furniture Questions

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Timeless and classic, aluminum outdoor furniture is the material of choice if you need something durable and long-lasting for your outdoor space. In rain, snow and shine, these pieces are perfect for home-owners or renters that want furniture that keeps its luster without much maintenance. From outdoor cushions to aluminum patio chairs to fire pit tables, whatever your needs, Ashley HomeStore has the perfect outdoor items that will transform your space.

How Do You Clean Cast Aluminum Outdoor Furniture?
Cleaning cast aluminum outdoor furniture is as easy as other outdoor pieces. Simply scrub the entire body of the chair or table with a dry brush. This ensures that all debris is removed so you don’t scrape or rub it into the aluminum during the washing process. Then with a sponge and mild dish soap, scrub the entire surface to make sure all dirt is removed. Once all grime has been sponged, rinse your piece with a hose and leave to dry. If you notice calcium buildup, you can create your own cleaning solution of 1 part vinegar and 9 parts water to remove it. Before you scrub the buildup, test an inconspicuous area for any reactions. If you want to learn more, check out this cleaning guide.

Does Aluminum Patio Furniture Rust?
Aluminum is a rust-free material due to scientific properties that go down to the molecular level. When exposed to air, aluminum oxidizes which prevents corrosion. That’s why aluminum patio furniture is a great option for people who want low-maintenance furniture – it’s the perfect no-fuss foundation for, blankets and cushions. If you live in areas where moisture and precipitation is prevalent, aluminum is the number-one material that you have to consider when shopping.

Does Aluminum Furniture Get Hot in the Sun?
Aluminum furniture does get hot when it’s under direct sunlight. However, this lightweight metal does not retain heat for too long once the heat source is removed. So if the sun is obstructed behind clouds or during sunset, your furniture will cool off. If you place an aluminum patio dining set under shade or in indirect light, it will stay cool regardless of the time of day or the weather.