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Frequently Asked Wooden Outdoor Furniture Questions

Wooden Outdoor Furniture by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
From acacia Adirondack chairs to eucalyptus dining sets, you can find the perfect wooden outdoor furniture pieces for your space. Ashley HomeStore’s selection of natural, organic pieces are made from sustainable woods, giving outdoor areas a homey feel without the guilt. Whether you’re in search of outdoor pillows, a wood patio table or benches, whatever your needs, Ashley HomeStore has the perfect outdoor items that will enhance your space.

What is the Best Wood for Outdoor Furniture?
The type of wood you choose for your space depends on where you live, the weather conditions and your desired placement for your furniture. Acacia wood outdoor furniture is a great option if you want to place pieces out in your yard without any covering. Acacia is naturally rot resistant and durable enough to withstand different kinds of weather. However, if left unprotected for a long time, acacia, like most natural wood furniture, will develop a natural patina. Eucalyptus is a hardy wood that also withstands a wide variety of weather, moisture levels and humidity. It even comes in many UV-resistant stains, making it a great option for sunnier environments. Teak is also a great option if you want a low-maintenance natural wood. Have you picked out your wood? Check out this blog for design inspiration.

How to Clean Wood Furniture
Cleaning wood patio furniture seems complicated but in reality it’s quite easy. If your furniture needs a deep clean, all you have to do is wash it with a moist cloth and mild dish detergent. Scrub in the direction of the wood grain and be gentle. If mildew is an issue, you can scrub it with a small brush and a mixture of water and bleach. If there are deep stains you can lightly sand the dry wood and rinse the surface. As long as you make sure deep stains don’t settle into the wood, cleaning your furniture should be a simple task.

What is the Best Protection for Outdoor Wood Furniture?
Natural wood furniture is an investment and depending on your needs, protecting your furniture can be a necessary step. If you want to keep your wooden patio furniture sets as fresh and polished as the day you bought it, consider putting a sealant on all the exposed natural wood. These waterproof and weatherproof coatings will make sure that your pieces maintain their color for years. Although it may sound counterintuitive, keeping your outdoor furniture indoors when weather is particularly bad can help it maintain its natural texture and prevent patina. Furniture covers are also a great way to protect pieces since they provide day-to-day defense from the elements.