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Frequently Asked Modular Furniture Questions

Many people love the clean lines and versatility of modular furniture such as cube storage—but those same attributes also apply to modular seating. Modular living room furniture is flexible enough to arrange in different configurations to suit your space, your needs, your mood, and your style.

What is Modular Furniture?

The term “modular furniture” refers to furniture designed in separate pieces that fit together in varying ways so you can find the right fit and function for your home or office. For instance, you can arrange some modular storage furniture horizontally or vertically or extend this storage by adding additional cubbies or clusters of storage cubes.

Modular sectional furniture works in a similar way. A modular sectional sofa might look like a traditional sectional but breaks down into five modular accent chairs. The armless design enables you to arrange the seats in different configurations, such as:
  • Two seats on the left and three across the back
  • Four seats across the back and one on the right
  • A U-shape with three seats across the back, flanked by a seat on either side.

What Are the Advantages of Modular Furniture?

Modular sectional furniture has several advantages. For starters, it’s highly flexible. Depending on the style and the configuration, one seat piece could act as an ottoman or become part of a chaise. The back pillows, cushions, or bolsters help adjust the look.

Modular seating can be more affordable than other sectionals because its manufacture involves many of the same pieces instead of a specific left or right piece with a fixed armrest or a corner seat. A reversible modular sectional provides for ample seating as well as versatility.

It’s also comfortable—and moving it is easy. Imagine moving a piece the size of an accent chair instead of sliding around an entire sofa.

How Do You Attach Modular Furniture?

Depending on the design, your modular furniture will have specific fasteners to keep the sections together. No need to worry about the remote, a smartphone, or anything else slipping through any gaps!

However, if you notice that a section of your modular living room furniture slides along your flooring more than you’d like, place a trimmed rubber pad (similar to the nonslip mat to hold an area rug in place) beneath the legs for added friction and support.

The Best Modular Sectionals & Sofas

Naturally, the best modular sectional is the one that fits your room and your budget—but with so many varieties, it won’t be hard to find one that clicks neatly into place. Stop by your local Ashley store or check out our selection online to see how our modular seating can work for you.