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Frequently Asked Questions

China Cabinets and Kitchen Hutches by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Whether you’re in need of a china cabinet or a kitchen hutch, Ashley HomeStore combines the latest trends and styles with technology to give you the very best for your home. With unmatched prices and quality, we’re your one-stop destination for furniture, home accents, decor and more!

How Do I Make a Small Dining Room Look Bigger?
A small dining room can look massive with expertly curated furniture. Tables in an elliptical shape elongate spaces while providing ample seating room. Hutches and china cabinets are also important pieces of space-saving furniture. Rather than cluttering your dining area with multiple side tables and other storage pieces, you can use one dining room hutch or cabinet as dining room storage to by giving your plates, serveware, drinkware and other essentials a home.

Which China Cabinets or Dining Room Hutches Match My Modern Style?
China cabinets, dining room hutches, buffets and servers seem old-fashioned, but they can be sleek and modern too! Look for a dining room display cabinet or hutch with clean lines and little ornamentation. Doing so will keep this piece in harmony with your modern space since it will have a more timeless shape and form. Want to learn more about storage, learn how to Store Items In Style – Dining Room Edition. .

Where Do I Put a China Cabinet or Kitchen Hutch?
If you’re wondering where to put a china cabinet, listen up! Placement for a china cabinet or hutch is quite easy if you follow some guidelines. Look at your room and measure out the width of your hutch and see if you have enough wall space to accommodate such a large piece of furniture, you can place the hutch against that wall. However, if you have multiple acceptable areas in your room consider placing the hutch or cabinet either parallel to or perpendicular to your dining room table. This creates a high-low effect, making your room feel harmonious and balanced.