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Shower Benches & Accessories by Ashley

There’s nothing better than a long, hot shower. Not only are they an excuse to belt out an off-key showtune, but they’re where we go to relax our muscles and minds. Imagine how calm you’d feel sitting on a shower bench, eyes closed, letting the water cascade over you. Or how safe you’d feel with an anti-slip bathmat under your toes. At Ashley, we have the benches and accessories you need for the shower of your dreams.

Why put a bench in a shower?

One main reason for a shower bench is to have a place to sit. For some, this is an accessibility and safety issue. For others, it’s about creating a spa-like atmosphere. But there are several reasons you should consider a bench! Women find them to be convenient places to prop their feet when shaving their legs, and some benches even come with storage shelves that act as a convenient place to hold extra shampoo or body wash.

Can teak shower bench get wet?


When looking for a wood shower bench that can get wet, teak is the optimal choice. Teak wood comes from trees that grow in rainforests and is naturally resistant to moisture. Because of this, it’s one of the best woods to use in a bathroom. After exposure to water, teak even produces a natural patina that acts as a protective glaze — adding to its durability! A teak shower bench is also easy to clean with soap and water.