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Frequently Asked Contemporary Questions

Contemporary Style by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Moved by modern? Then contemporary furniture is your go-to design choice in any room. Fit for families and adults of every age, this all-inclusive style takes modern trends and amplifies it with texture, flair, and unique finishes. Prepare to see hints of metallic, with mid-century modern inspiration sprinkled in. Trust us, you’ll love how contemporary hits comfort and approachability right on the head every time with sleek lines and durable fabrics. At Ashley HomeStore, we strive to provide a huge selection of contemporary decor and furniture to fulfill your vision for a home.

What’s the Color Palette for Contemporary Style?
The great thing about contemporary decor and style is that you’re not limited by a specific set of colors. If you like purple—go for it! Prefer soft neutrals? That’s okay, too! You can easily decorate a living room to exude contemporary flair with virtually any color palette, as long as you love how it looks. So make a bold statement with a red sofa, or use gray upholstered chairs for your contemporary dining room furniture; the choice is all your own to play with, and it’s all contemporary.

Which Materials and Textures Should I Use to Add Contemporary Flair?
For contemporary living room furniture, or any room really, fluffy rugs and throw pillows are an ultra modern touch. Decorative pieces that are fluffy, fringey, or sequined are all perfect elements for adding delightful contemporary flair into your space. It’s all about complementing sleek, clean-lined design with pops of color and personality. For example, colorful, textured throw pillows complement a tufted sofa, along with a shag rug. Experiment with textures and colors—you’ll be surprised at how much you can do with contemporary being such a wide scope of style selection!

How do I use Lighting to Achieve a Contemporary Look?
Lighting is an integral element when designing and decorating a room, and contemporary style is no exception to the rule. Enlisting contemporary pendant lights with captivating designs and shades dress up a room and maximize surface space—all while captivating with chic style. If you prefer direct task lighting, a table lamp atop an end table works wonders for style and presentation. Your contemporary lighting will be that much more impressive by placing a console table below a mirror and adding extra lighting in front so it doubles up on illumination. To learn more about how to add pendant lights in every room, check out our blog.