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Frequently Asked Runner Rug Questions

Runner Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Home, sweet runner rug. No matter how narrow your spaces, long runner rugs bring pizzazz to any floor, while (in some cases) also helping to drastically reduce dirt and traffic from impacting the floor underneath. This can increase the life of your carpet, hardwood, or natural wood floors substantially, while also adding a pop of style and color to what’s often called the “fifth wall.”

Ashley HomeStore has so many styles, materials, and lengths to choose from, that we’re confident you’ll find a match for your floor. Simply browse for eye-catching style that’s built to last—from one stage of life to the next.

How do I Use Runner Rugs in Each Room?
All you need is the right amount of floor and a runner rug—the rest is easy! Just unroll and place wherever you’d like, and it’s ready to enjoy. Some may have a backing that grips to the floor; otherwise, consider using rug pads in order to prevent bunching or slipping.

In case you’re wondering what the best rooms are for runner rugs, they’re great as hallway runners, or even a kitchen runner mat to help absorb extra water that may spill from washing dishes. In terms of practicality, a runner is almost unmatched since it accommodates in small or large spaces. You’re only limited by your own creativity!

How Many Different Styles and Patterns are There?
Ashley HomeStore has multiple patterned rugs in styles and designs that you crave! Rugs make such an impressive statement piece on any floor, so choosing one that matches your decor best and accentuates the color palette is important. For an ultra-refined finishing touch to any room, look no further than neutral, earthy tones, or even a stellar pop of color to help a hallway or kitchen stand out.

Fit for country chic, contemporary, or even industrial styles, you’re sure to find the right runner rug in every room of the house. For more on sizing the best rug per room, check out our inspiration guide .

What are the Different Sizes for Each Room?
For bedroom rugs, you have a few options. But with runners specifically, placing a small runner on either side of your bed let your feet land on something soft and comforting, rather than the coldness of a tile floor (look for a 6’x9’ or something similar). You’ll definitely want Entryway rugs to be made of a durable material such as polypropylene with a backing so it can catch any tracked dirt or water from spilling into the house.

Hallways and narrow kitchens are ideal for runner style rugs, which come in standard sizes of 6’x4’, 6’x6’ and 6’x9’. Make sure you measure the width and length of your desired room and large items, and then subtract the area rug measurements to figure out whether it’s appropriate. You could even use construction paper or a cardboard cutout to map where you’d like the rug to live. Follow these steps, and you’ll have a gorgeous runner in your home in no time!