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Frequently Asked Bedroom Rug Questions

Bedroom Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
More than just a place of rest, your bedroom is a hub for self-expression–and what better way to convey your personal style than by decorating the floor with a chic bedroom rug? Often considered the fifth wall, area rugs are an easy way to upgrade your space, and make it instantly feel more elevated. Plus, you can change out styles whenever the mood strikes–all with minimal effort. Style without stress? It’s a no-brainer.

At Ashley HomeStore, we have a wide assortment of sizes, materials, patterns, and rug pads and accessories to choose from. This means you’re sure to find the ideal bed rug that speaks to your tastes–sans the slippage and the fuss.

Where do I Place my Rug in the Bedroom?
For that extra bit of comfort and warmth, you’ve got a few options on rug placement in your bedroom. Larger rugs are beautiful under a bed, either covering the entire bed or positioned lower with end tables at the head and off the rug. This is an ever-classic, always-fashionable look if you’re stumped on ideas.

However, if you have nice wood floors and don’t want to cover them up completely, runner rugs are a viable solution–simply place a pair of bed rugs on either side, so every time you wake up, your feet immediately come into contact with the soft, fluffy fibers.

How Many Size Options are There?
Rest assured, there’s a rug for every size room. For larger bedrooms, stick to 8-9’ rugs, which wholly cover night stands and a king or queen size bed. Other standard sizes include 6’x9’ rugs , which cover two twins or a full size bed with night stands and a bench or chest at the foot, and 5’x7’ rugs , which look great in any sized room for a pop of color and style.

For more ideas, read our rug sizing guide for detailed insights on getting the right size rug–whether a large one or a pair of bedroom runner rugs– for your room.

What Materials and Styles Should I Look for in the Bedroom?
There’s a wide array of materials available for bedroom rugs, each with their set of pros and cons. Typically, softer, more plush area rugs such as wool or polyester are excellent in a bedroom, since your feet can sink into the fibers when getting in or out of bed (no one likes feeling immediate cold when standing up from a cozy bed, after all). Fluffy rugs for a bedroom are also great since they add texture and dimension to your fifth wall.

Try to avoid jute or polypropylene rugs in the bedroom, as they’re made of a coarser material than shag or wool, and aren’t as pleasant to walk on in an area of relaxation (especially a bedroom). Whatever you end up choosing, we’re certain it’s going to be a fashionable upgrade for your floor!