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Frequently Asked Storage Baskets, Chests & Organization Questions

Storage Baskets, Chests & Organization by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
We’re in the age of minimalism. But not everyone can make the leap and embrace that lifestyle — the key to getting that clean, picturesque space is storage. Through expert placement of stylish storage baskets or a storage chest, you can minimize clutter while maximizing on style. Add wicker baskets to a media console to hide unsightly cords or video game accessories. Or, edit your shelves by storing board games, office supplies and other necessary (but not pretty) items in a vintage-style chest. Ashley HomeStore has a wide selection of storage solutions that will help you organize your space while giving it a personality.

Where to Put Storage Baskets and Chests In Your Home?
It doesn’t have to be spring for you to get your home in tip-top shape. With some easy storage and organization tips and placement, you can keep your house sparkling and decluttered all year long. First, take an audit of your room and see where your mess is. Take your bathroom, for example. Are your sink counters covered with products? Is there a place for extra towels? Take time to consider what you are trying to accomplish. Second, take measurements and figure out what storage solution fits in your space. If you have a smaller room, a storage chest may be out of the question, so opt for accent storage cabinets that can house all your items while adding flair. Third, optimize; if you added a large piece of storage furniture like a chest or a shelf, consider how you can make it more efficient with added storage items like boxes and storage books. Once you start your decluttering journey, it’s hard to ever go back!

What Are The Patterns and Prints for Your Style?
Are you a bohemian? Or do you love all things coastal chic? Whatever your style, a great way to add personality into your space is through pattern and print. If you describe your style as farmhouse or rustic, incorporate wood textures into your home through a wooden storage chest or basket. If you love contemporary and modern styles, use sleek metal accents through shelving or wire accent baskets. If you’re more traditional, tap into a timeless feel with ceramic canisters and jars that come in a range of appealing patterns and textures.

What Are Some Great Ways to Save Space?
When it comes to saving space, remember the three main strategies: trunks, baskets, shelves. While there are tons of great space-saving furniture out there, these three items can transform your space significantly. A storage chest trunk is not only a beautiful piece that you can pass down to family, it’s also the perfect place to store large comforters, linens and pillows if your home doesn't have closet space. Professional organizers love baskets for their ability to add uniformity, style and functionality to a room. Easily incorporate these tricks of the trade by adding boxes and baskets to shelves or a bookcase, helping you add storage while keeping items out of sight. Last, but not least, are shelves. Instead of wasting valuable floor space, you can think vertically by adding storage shelves that not only make your home more functional but also make rooms feel taller. If you need more tips, check out this blog and learn more about living room storage.