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Frequently Asked Canisters and Jars Questions

Canisters and Jars by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Scroll through Pinterest and Instagram photos of your favorite rooms? What do they have in common? Stylish accents that do double-duty. Canisters and decorative jars not only serve as accessories for your room but they add much-needed storage. Whether it’s cookies, spare buttons or marbles, you can fill your decorative canisters with whatever your heart desires. You can place these versatile pieces on your kitchen counters, dining room tables, buffets or accent tables to add a game-changing element to your space. From ceramic to glass to metal, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has every style of canister and jar that suits your unique aesthetic.

What Are The Canisters and Jars for the Kitchen?
When it comes to decor, you can break all the rules. But in the kitchen, there are a couple of good tips to follow. If you plan on storing food items in your decorative kitchen canisters, opt for something made of glass or some other transparent material. Doing so enables you to easily see what items are in your canister while ensuring that you can track its freshness. Storage jars that are made of materials like ceramic or metal can still be used in the kitchen for both essential and non-essential items. You can store things like plastic bags, dried beans and even onions, which need to be in a cool dark place to stay fresh.

What Are Different Uses for Canisters and Jars?
Canisters and jars have many uses. From pure display to dining storage, these versatile pieces come in a variety of styles, finishes and materials that suit your needs. Decorative jars with lids can be used in your kitchen to hold foods and store kitchen equipment in a clean, dust-free environment — or use them in your home office to hide items like paper clips and staples. You can even display a colorful or patterned accent jar in your living room and dining room to add a classic, traditional feel.

Where to Place Canisters and Jars in the Home?
If you love something you have every right to put it anywhere you want! But a good rule of thumb is to make sure your storage jars and canisters match the aesthetic theme of your room. Another rule to follow is color! If your accent canister is a complementary or monochrome color that matches a large design feature in your home, let’s say a paint scheme or a bright sectional couch, then that room could be an ideal home for that canister. The third and final rule is placement; a few great places for your storage jars are on end and side tables, shelves, buffets and large coffee tables. If you need more tips and tricks, check out this helpful blog.