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Frequently Asked Bowls and Trays Questions

Bowls and Trays by Ashley Furniture Home Store
There’s nothing quite as sophisticated as adding a unique bowl to contrast a beautiful piece of furniture. Decorative bowls come in a range of finishes, sizes and styles that complement all sorts of interior spaces. Whether you’re styling the kitchen or the living room, a bowl or a decorative tray can serve as a building block for how to decorate your surfaces. Adding accents like a tray of found objects like glass bottles and vintage trinkets can easily help you coordinate other decor like picture frames, candle holders and sculptures. At Ashley HomeStore, you can find the ideal bowl or tray to suit your design personality with our wide range of styles and finishes.

What to Put on Decorative Trays?
Styling a tray may seem tricky. But it’s fairly simple once you realize that a tray serves as a stylistic extension of your surface and also as a separate organizational element. First and foremost, you never want to put an item on the tray that can’t be moved from that particular surface — you want the tray to retain its portability. Then, consider the room. In living rooms, coffee table tray decor has become as widespread as blue jeans, and for good reason. Trays add a sense of variety, organization and intent. For example, instead of piling books onto your accent tables, you can neatly stack them on a tray with other decor like flowers and candles to add a level of glamour and sophistication. Still not sure how to style your tray? Check out this blog to learn more.

Where to Put Bowls and Trays in Your Home?
Do you have a flat surface? Then you can put a decorative tray or bowl on it. From accent tables to a dining room table to a kitchen island, trays and bowls are design staples that can be put on almost any piece of furniture. One of the most common places you can find decorative trays are in living rooms. They’re the perfect item to liven up coffee tables with pops of color and pattern. Decorative glass bowls, on the other hand, are mostly found on dining room tables and kitchen counters. They’re the perfect items to showcase fresh foods like lemons, limes and apples. Even though these items are generally styled this way, this doesn’t mean you have to! Break the rules and find your design sensibilities!

What are Different Tray Sizes & Uses?
At Ashley HomeStore, trays come in a range of sizes and sets. From smaller trays that can hold small glasses or perfume bottles to large trays that house a variety of items like plates and bowls, these versatile pieces have a number of uses. The general rule is that the smaller the tray the more decorative it is. Small trays can be used to hold decorative glass jars that keep your cotton rounds and swabs free from dust. Larger decorative serving trays can serve a more functional purpose, helping you to move items neatly and easily from room to room or from one surface to another.