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Wastebaskets & Hampers by Ashley HomeStore

Hampers and wastebaskets are more than things that keep the bathroom clean — they’re also decor! Ranging from small bathroom trash cans to more sophisticated bins or hampers, easily mistaken for fine furniture. Finish the look with a bathroom wastebasket that brings high style to a thankless job.

Where should the dirty clothes hamper be kept?

When considering where to place a clothes hamper to collect dirty clothes, think strategically about where you and your family would use it. The most common rooms are bedrooms, bathrooms, and mudrooms (for any muddy sock situations). But no matter where you put them, they’ll always fill up much too quickly!

How do you store sweaty clothes?

After hitting the gym, you might be tempted to throw your sweaty clothes into the large hamper and jump in the shower. However, even working up a light sweat can cause bacteria to accumulate and odors to develop — even after the clothes are washed. If you can, wash them immediately. If not, rinse them out and let them drip-dry before adding them to the clothes hamper.