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Frequently Asked Drinkware Questions

Drinkware by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
A beautiful glass is an accent that can make a table sparkle and shine, add an element of warmth or glamour, or set the tone of the meal. Whether you need a rustic, metal beverage tub, a set of glasses or bowls and trays, Ashley HomeStore has a unique variety of drinkware and table essentials that can quench your thirst.

What are Everyday Drinkware Necessities?
When you open your kitchen cabinet, buffet or hutch, you need to have three sets of drinkware essentials. The everyday set is the set of glasses that you can use for casual dining, small gatherings and everything in-between. It should be made beautifully but with a durable glass so that it can handle a lot of wear and tear. The hosting set is made of finer glass and is only used on special occasions like the holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and more. Since this is your “fancy set,” glasses can be more luxurious and glitzy. The last set is the miscellaneous set, this is for other drinkware essentials like a glass pitcher, your wine goblets, snifters and whiskey tumblers.

What is the Drinkware for Your Lifestyle?
Much like plates and other fine china, your drinkware needs change through time. If you’re in a starter home or rental, you have to choose durable, mid-priced glasses that can last the test of time. If you’re ready to invest, buy a nicer set of glasses and crystal that can impress guests and family. If you fancy yourself an entertainer consider adding a beverage tub into your collection for special occasions, parties or barbecues. New parents should add BPA-free and dishwasher and microwave safe plastic drinkware into their collection to minimize risks and hazards.

What is the Drinkware for Entertaining?
When setting the table for a party you have to consider your guests, drink menu and the feel of your event. Choosing drinkware for specific events can range from typical glasses, that can be used at casual gatherings like birthdays and barbecues, to fine crystal stemware and glassware that sparkle for fancier dinner parties. If you’re having an informal get-together like a pool party or a football watch party, consider adding a beverage tub to your party essentials. Fill these versatile and low-maintenance pieces with ice and bottled beverages and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser. Learn how to spice up your dining space with decorating ideas from Ashley Homestore.