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Frequently Asked Dinnerware Questions

Dinnerware by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Adding accents to your dining area is as simple as placing vivid and vibrant placemats or dinnerware sets to your dining room tables. The dining room is the heart of the home, where friends gather for game nights and families come together to make special memories. Ashley HomeStore’s dynamic range of dinnerware ensures that you can find the perfect items to make this distinctive room in your home all the more noteworthy.

How To Mix and Match Dinnerware?
Creating that popular boho, mix and match feel with dinnerware is simpler than you think. This crowd-pleasing layout requires you to think about color and textures. When searching for colorful dinnerware you have to look for similar tones in the pieces in order to get a cohesive look. A monochrome palette with china all in one color family is an elegant way to add interest without going overboard. If you’re more adventurous, you can try your hand at mixing dinnerware in complementary color families — think blue and orange, purple and yellow, red and green, etc. However, if you’re apprehensive but still want to get this look, the easiest way to mix and match is to look for different textures and styles of china in one neutral color.

Best Dinnerware for Your Lifestyle
The type of plates and china that you use depend on your life stage. If you’re looking to invest in higher-quality china for your first home or just want to spruce up what you have in your rental, look for mid-priced dinnerware that’s microwave and dishwasher-safe. These pieces can handle a lot of wear and tear so they last throughout the years. If you truly want to have that traditional feel by having a set of “good plates” that you crack out when you’re hosting special occasions, look for finer dinnerware with intricate details or sets made with fine china. Or, you might be in a stage in life where you can’t have anything too expensive — or breakable. Parents with young children should look for rounded plastic plates with blunt edges that are BPA-free and dishwasher and microwave safe.

What is the Dinnerware for Entertaining?
When entertaining, regardless of formality, you have to choose between two things: make the food look amazing or create a unique look for your table with beautiful designs through dinnerware. A simple way to make a table and food look appealing for guests is by using white plates that contrast the colors of dishes, this way the food becomes a part of the table design. If you want to create more of a vibe through the dinnerware, choose plates and other serveware that have interesting designs, gilding or patterns. Other tableware that you can include on your table when entertaining are bowls and trays that add different elements through a variety of heights and contrast. If you want to learn more about table designs read this helpful blog that will turn you from entertaining newbie to full-on expert.