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Glossary W

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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Wood paneling applied to walls from baseboards to the desired height, usually about one-third of the way up a wall.
Wall Washers
Angled down lights which bathe the wall surface in light.
A process of making fabrics by interlacing warp threads with weft or filling yarns.
Strips of tightly woven plastic, nylon, rubber, elastic, or metal used in upholstery construction as a support for, or in place of, springs under the cushions.
A fabric-covered cord sewed into the edge seams of upholstery where a firm, defined edge is needed as for a box shaped cushion.
Wet Wall
The wall where plumbing fixtures are located.
A decorative motif resembling an ear of wheat.
Strong woven matting of willow, reed, or rattan cut into different diameters then used to construct furniture, often for outdoor use.
Windsor Chair
A popular 18th century wooden chair having a solid seat and a back formed from a bent wood hoop and vertical spindles.
Wing Chair
An upholstered armchair with a high back from which lateral head rests, or “wings”, protrude on either side.