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Glossary T

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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A medium-weight or light-weight fabric of acetate, nylon, rayon, or silk, usually smooth, crisp, and lustrous, plain-woven, and with a fine crosswise rib effect.
Tambour Door
A flexible door that can be concealed by rolling it into a piece of furniture.
Thick woven fabric with pictorial design.
Task Lighting
Lighting needed to perform a specific task. i.e., desk lamp.
A pendent ornament consisting commonly of a bunch of threads, small cords, or other strands hanging from a round knob or head, used on clothing, in jewelry, on curtains, etc.
Tester Bed
A bed having two posts at the headboard supporting a half canopy above.
The characteristic of a material that can be felt or seen. You can achieve the perception of texture by lighting and the surface materials of the items. Smooth, shiny surfaces make objects clean and brighter in color. Those surfaces also emphasis the outline of the object. Rough surfaces tend to absorb sound and light and tend to give off a warm feeling.
A striped cotton or linen fabric, originally used for mattress covers but now used decoratively, as well.
Tilt Top Table
A small, often round table with a hinged top, which can be raised when not in use.
The lighter values of a color obtained by mixing the color with white.
An abbreviation for Top of Bed. Ashley TOB sets contain a comforter, pillow shams, and a bed skirt.
Top of Bed - Bedding
The darkness or lightness of a color; different colors may be of the same tone.
Tongue and Groove
A flush wood joint in which a long, straight projection of one board fits into a corresponding groove in another board.
The French word for candelabra. These are often large, sometimes standing on the floor. A floor lamp that directs the light upward.
Trestle Table
A rustic rectangular table with a top supported by two wide boards or "trestles" at either end. The two trestles are joined by a single stretcher.
Trompe l’oeil
(Pronounced tromp loi) Literally French for “trick the eye”, a painting which cleverly uses shadow and light to create the appearance of a three dimensional object.
Trundle Bed
Pullout bed on casters somewhat smaller than the bed under which it is set.
An upholstery technique where the covering fabric and the padding are tied back in a definite pattern, creating small "pillows" between depressions.
An ornamental or structural part of furniture made by rotating a cylindrical piece of wood on a lathe and shaping with cutting tools.
Tightly woven with a diagonal ridge such as denim or herringbone fabrics.