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Glossary P

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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A term used by artists and designers to describe a range of colors.
A surface set off from the surrounding surface by being raised, recessed or framed.
Furniture inlaid with geometrical designs similar to parquet floors.
Parson's Table
A square or rectangular table with wide, straight legs.
Particle Board
Panels that are manufactured by bonding wood particles with synthetic resins under heat and pressure. Used as the core for many plywood panels, as panels to be printed (engraved), or other uses in furniture construction. Also called fiberboard, chip core, hardboard, and medium density fiberboard.
The coloration and texture, which wood and leather acquire with age and use.
A repetitive component to a surface that can be used to modify scale, color or texture. They can be used to unit or clash with other items. Be very careful when working with multiple patterns.
Pedestal Table
A table supported by one or more cylindrical columns or “pedestals”.
A decorative crest found at the top of tall pieces of furniture to achieve a pleasing finish.
North Shore entertainment center with pediment
Pembroke Table
A small rectangular drop leaf table.
A means of showing a solid object on a surface so as to make it appear to have a third dimension. To make it convincing to the eye, sizes of distant objects are reduced; parallel lines tend to converge.
Pickled Finish
The result of rubbing white or off-white paint onto previously stained and finished wood.
Piecrust Table
A table, usually with a round top, that has an edge that is raised, scalloped or fluted; frequently a tilt-top table.
Pier Mirror
A tall mirror designed to be hung above a pier table.
Decorative detail achieved by cutting shapes through thin wood such as chair splats.
A flattened column-like detail applied to furniture, bookcases, etc. as a decorative feature.
This is cut or uncut loops that stand up on the face of a fabric, making it thick and three-dimensional, in contrast to flat-woven cloth.
Pillow Shams
Covers for pillows to match bed coverings, when pillows are propped on top of the bed.
Plain Weave
This is a basic weave in which the warp and weft are the same size and alternate under and over each other in a regular manner.
Platform Bed
A mattress that sets on the top of a wood or plastic platform or pedestal. Sometimes the mattress may recess into a frame on the top of the platform, and there is a shelf that may go partially or completely around the perimeter.
Plenum Space
An enclosed space in buildings, typically between the roof deck and suspended grid ceiling, used for heating, ventilating, and/or air-conditioning airflow.
Parts made from pressed wood and sprayed with polyester material.
A structural material made of very thin layers of wood bonded together with the grain of each layer, or ply, at right angles to that of the next.
This is a synthetic resin that simulates latex foam rubber and is used for upholstered furniture, pillows, mattresses, etc.
An abbreviation for Point of Purchase. Associated with tags and showroom signage.
An abbreviation for Point of Sales.
An open shelf at the bottom of a piece of furniture traditionally used for storing pots and pans.
Pot Cupboard
A small bedside table which in times past housed a ceramic bowl or “pot”.
A low upholstered stool of solid construction.
Jessa Place Ottoman - Pouf
Primary Colors
Red, blue and yellow, from which all other colors are derived.
A surface having a pattern imposed with ink or dye by means of stencils, rollers, blocks, or screens.
Product Association
A process in which lamps, rugs, bed linens and/or accessories are coordinated with Ashley product. This process is supported by the tagging system and national advertising.
A handle to open drawers or doors of cabinets.
The style of an edge.
An agreeable or harmonious relation of parts within a whole; balance or symmetry.