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Glossary L

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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A durable varnish applied in several layers to protect furniture’s surface. Finishes can vary from matt to glossy.
Ladder Back Chair
A style of country chair with horizontal slats in the back that resemble a ladder.
Laminate or "Lam"
Applied covering to boards, which provide different appearances such as colors and grains (see also paper, vinyl). A synonym for “replicated.”
An openwork crisscross or fretwork made of thin, flat strips of wood or metal. Usually found on chairs and headboards.
Home Accents Lattice Mirror
Lazy Susan
A revolving tray or stand of wood or metal.
A board or panel that is used as a tabletop extension. Some leaves are hinged to the table surface and must be raised to a horizontal position, as in a Pampero or gate-leg table. Other leaves are drawn out from beneath the table surface, as in the draw table. In other tables, the top can be separated and extended so leaves can be placed in the opening.
Leather Match
Upholstery that features top-grain leather in the seating areas with skillfully matched vinyl everywhere else.
Works with form to emphasis or outline a space or materials used in a space. Horizontal lines can be used for a more relaxed look and to emphasis the length of a wall or item. Vertical lines added formality and height to an area.
A delicate, multi-colored jacquard woven floral stripe.
Long Care Clock
Also referred to as a grandfather clock. A clock housed in a tall wooden case containing weights and a pendulum.
A two-seated sofa.
A small table with drawers on cabriole legs.