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Glossary H

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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A generic term used to describe any metal fitting that goes onto furniture i.e., handles, locks, hinges, escutcheons, etc.
The feeling created when tools are used together to provide a look that is pulled together.
A general term for the lumber of broad-leafed or deciduous trees in contrast to evergreen or coniferous trees, which are termed softwoods.
A stuffed cushion used for a footstool or ottoman.
Corson Hassock
A panel rising above mattress at the head of the bed. Often supports the bed rails.
Heat Transfer Printing
The technique of printing a fabric by transferring a printed design from paper onto fabric via heat and pressure.
A high chest of drawers, deriving its name from haut bois, which is French for "high wood."
Originally, this was a fabric loomed by hand at home, but now the name of a loose, coarsely woven, power-loomed fabric that uses textured and bulky yarns to create a hand-woven look.
Hope Chest
Synonymous with a cedar chest and dowry chest.
The common name of a color. It indicates the color’s position in the spectrum or in the color circle. It is determined by the specific wavelength of the color in the ray of light.
A two-part case piece that usually has a two-door cabinet below and open shelves above, originally dating from seventeenth-century England.
Wataskin and Larimer Server & Hutches