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Glossary F

Furniture Terms

Besides offering an extraordinary selection of affordable furnishings, we also want to be your go-to authority for stylish décor. This digital glossary was created to help you get better acquainted with the variety of terms used to describe our HomeStore products. The more information we can provide, the more confident you’ll feel about choosing us for your home.

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Fall Front
The hinged front of a bureau that lowers to reveal the desk inside.
Fan Pattern
Width and evenness of paint coming out of spray gun.
A French upholstered chair having open sides.
Literally French for “fake”, this term is used to describe things that appear to be of one material or finish, but in fact are not. An example is faux books where bookends are used to create the effect of a real library.
A soft, synthetic material used as cushioning in upholstered furniture, bedding, and comforters. Polyester fibers are most commonly used.
Fiddle back
A back splat shaped like a violin, common in Windsor chairs.
Ornamental openwork of delicate or intricate design that is usually done in gold or silver wire.
Finger Joint
A process by which the ends of pieces of lumber are machined and fastened together by using glue. The machined edge looks like a series of fingers. The objective is to reclaim short unusable pieces of lumber into longer useable pieces.
A small carved or turned ornament used to provide a decorative finish to a tall vertical piece such as a long case clock or bedpost.
Privilege Decorative Finials
A treatment that is applied to wood to protect the surface and to make it more durable and resistant to stains and burns, to accentuate the natural grain, to lighten or deepen the color, to make a dull or glossy surface, or to change the color completely as by painting, lacquering, polishing, antiquing, distressing, etc.
Fire Cut Veneer
A combination of straight-grain and heart figure veneer produced by slicing half of a log directly through the center or heart.
Flat packed furniture
Also called KD, flat-pack or self-assembly furniture. Refers to furniture that is to be assembled by the end user.
Short fibrous particles that are applied by various processes to the surface of fabric, paper, or wood to give the appearance and feel of velvet or suede.
Flip flop sofa
A Japanese-style bed consisting of a soft mattress placed on a wooden frame. Some models fold to create a settee.
Shallow vertical grooves, usually parallel, used to ornament a surface. Often used on columns or pilasters in classical architecture.
Folk art
A broad category of handmade art objects, new or antique, that display a charmingly naïve, unsophisticated quality.
A supporting piece at the foot end of a bed, sometimes decorative.
Fills the space and defines the area. A good Visual Merchandiser will also look at the negative void areas as well. There are three basic categories for form; rectangle (rectilinear), the triangle (angular) and the circle (curved):
  • Rectangular form gives room sturdiness but can be monotonous if overused.
  • Angular/Diagonals are used to attract attention and imply motion. It can be used to increase size relationships.
  • Curved forms imply change and continuity. Using circles and pinpoint or drawn attention to objects.
Four Post Bed / Four Poster
A bed having a post at each corner supporting a canopy.
Four Way Match
A veneer pattern produced by the combination of book matches and butt matches.
The supporting structure of a piece of furniture.
French Provincial
A term describing countrified versions of formal French furnishings of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; often referred to as “provencal” today.
Interlaced ornamental woodwork, usually in a complicated repeating, geometric pattern. This is often used in backs of chairs, beds, in china cabinet doors, or on table aprons and legs.
Cross Island dining room chairs - Fretwork
A heavy pile of upholstery and drapery fabric with rows of uncut loops. Usually made of mohair, wool, cotton, or man-made fibers.
A decorative border of thread, cord, or the like, usually hanging loosely from a raveled edge or separate strip.
A folded mattress on a frame that can be folded up for seating or down to form a sleeping surface.