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Refresh Your Wall Space with Summer Wall Decor

Get rid of the dreary cold of winter when you spruce up your home with bright and cheery summer wall decor. Easily transform a room from nonchalant to breathtaking when you add rustic framed photos, floral artwork, bird prints, and more. Ashley has all the summer wall art you need, whether you live in a sprawling four-bedroom home or a tight tiny house.

Types of Summer Wall Decor to Consider

Summer wall art falls into a few categories. One category is framed artwork. This can be things like paintings, photographs, or other imagery contained in a classic frame. Often, this type of decor comes in diptych, triptych, or quadriptych arrangements — meaning you get two, three, or four related pictures you’re meant to hang together. Hang these above accent tables to create a gallery wall.

Another common summer wall decor category is accent pieces. These can be anything from sculptures to clocks that are meant to provide a fun and vibrant touch to your home. Since summer is all about freshness and plant life, you might decide on some golden leaves to hang up. Or maybe a flock of ceramic birds is more your style if you want to channel pastel colors. Mirrors are also a good choice for reflecting summer light and making your rooms seem brighter and more open, especially when placed across from dining tables.

Let’s not forget about summer outdoor wall decor! For this type of summer decor, you might choose something like an outdoor wall planter. That way, you can keep your favorite herbs or blooming flowers right at eye level for maximum effectiveness. Hanging lights or wall sconces are also a must-have for outdoor spaces to provide illumination so you can keep partying into the summer nights.

Tips for Choosing Summer Wall Art

If you’re looking for more summer wall decoration ideas, one tip is to make sure you choose wall art that blends with your decor style. For example, if you have a more modern home, going with a rustic wooden wall sign might not look the best. Instead, you’d probably be better off with a more angular, asymmetrical sign made of metal.

Additionally, make sure you measure your walls and furniture before choosing any pieces. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the summer wall art you hang behind your couch isn’t longer than the furniture itself. Additionally, pieces that are smaller won’t look good on a large wall — instead, keep these in smaller rooms like the bathroom or kitchen.