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Complete Your Summertime Space with Summer Pillows and Throws

Summertime pillows and throws are an easy and affordable way to add summer decor to your living room, bedroom, and outdoor space. A sofa, sectional, or recliner automatically looks sunnier with summer couch throw pillows that inspire thoughts of island getaways and lazy days, especially set against neutral upholstery.

Imagine fun, chic prints of hummingbirds in soft yellow, pink, and blue coaxing happy thoughts to take flight, or bright handcrafted pillows accented with patterns of fruit or flowers encouraging you to seize the day.

Tuck away the fleece and drape a cotton summer blanket in cream or khaki over the armrest or back of an outdoor chaise, inviting guests to take a moment to relax and recharge.

Summer throw pillows and blankets also help turn your bedroom into a beachy or tropical getaway. Look for colors such as teal, yellow, blush, red, and orange to ramp up the summer energy. A summer blanket softens an accent chair, and a summer pillow or two across the headboard invites sweet dreams.

How to Display Summer Pillows and Throws

You might consider throws, blankets, and pillows an essential part of fall or winter—but these home accessories fit right in with summer, too. The textures, materials, and colors are lighter and brighter, refreshing your space with a cheery, breezy mood. A lightweight summer blanket is also handy for those starry nights when you and your guests just want to chill on the patio or porch and feel wrapped up in the moment.

Best Areas of Your Home for Summer Pillows & Throws

Summer pillows and throws work best in any spot where you want to create an easygoing, cozy feel. Pops of summer flowers on handcrafted pillows offer a cheerful greeting whenever you enter the living room, family room, or bedroom. They also provide an energizing boost in a home office when you can’t get outdoors because of a deadline.

Many pillowcases and throws are machine-washable, so they’re simple to care for, too. Summer throw pillows and blankets also provide a way to indulge your creativity on a budget. Set pillows with patterns of seashells, tropical flowers, or flip-flops on an outdoor sofa for reminders of the beach anytime. Choose throws with delightful accents such as frills, tufts, pom-poms, or fringe for added texture and an extra break from the everyday.