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How to Decorate with Candle Holders for Summer

Summer lanterns and candle holders help brighten your home all season long. Use summer candleholders such as glass hurricanes or sconces to bring the season’s warmth indoors on a rainy day or light up the night with summer lanterns on your porch, patio, or deck.

Lanterns with a boho or DIY feel, such as ones of woven bamboo, for instance, enhance the casual mood, especially when hung overhead or set out as a summer centerpiece on an outdoor coffee table or dining table.

Popular Summer Candle Scents for Candle Holders

Summer candles often evoke a breezy, seaside vibe. Just a whiff of scents such as fresh linen, salty sea air, seagrass, and coconut can make us think of dipping our toes in the sand with the crash of waves nearby.

Other popular scents for summer candleholders include natural aromas, especially seasonal citrus and florals. Try lemon, orange, apricot, jasmine, and ginger to imagine a tropical getaway or a blend of honeysuckle, lilac, cedar, wildflowers, and musk for a mental trip to the mountains. Designers say a sprinkling of desert sage and eucalyptus evokes that just-after-a-rainstorm freshness.

Light Up Your Summer with Outdoor Lanterns

Recycled wooden lanterns or rustic lanterns of galvanized metal with glass hurricane shades are versatile enough to use indoors or out, adding a cozy firefly-like glow that complements your summer outdoor decor.

However, the casual feel of the season creates a great opportunity to decorate a lantern for summer in a fun and unexpected way. A summer lantern can become a cheery showpiece that lifts anyone’s spirits, with or without light inside.

Here are a few summer lantern filler ideas:

  • Fill a twine- or wire-wrapped lantern about one-quarter full with seashells or beach glass, then set a pillar candle or a votive inside a small glass candle holder on top.
  • Set curls of driftwood inside a brushed copper lantern or a round hurricane lantern for a modern centerpiece atop a weathered wooden dessert stand.
  • Tuck some pebbles and a summer faux plant inside a vintage-style lantern. Add a small strand of battery-powered LED lights for an enchanting touch.
  • Open the door to a large summer lantern, and set a potted plant such as peonies, violets, or lavender inside. Keep the door open to give this beauty some fresh air and invite guests to take a closer look.
  • Fill a pair of lanterns with citrus fruits, such as bright orange kumquats, tiny lemons, or limes. Guests will love the aroma, too!