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Frequently Asked Urban Loft Furniture & Decor Questions

Urban Style by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
So, what exactly is urban chic style? This design choice celebrates the architectural details and open concept of loft living in the busy city. You’ll find a mix of new, modern elements and rustic, weathered touches, resulting in a visually-intriguing ensemble that exudes all things chic, cool and contemporary. At Ashley HomeStore, we strive for the best in quality, value and variety, so you’ll find there’s no shortage of stylish urban furniture selections to choose from.

Which Colors and Patterns Look Best for an Urban Loft?
When it comes to designing your space with urban flair inspired by a bustling city, such as New York, you can never go wrong by sticking with a neutral color palette. Gray is a trending color that’s so easy to accessorize with, and you’ll find it used on many urban furniture pieces. When it comes to patterns, stick to the simple ones. Urban chic style is most impressive when you let the unique finishes and materials shine.

Which Materials Best Achieve the Urban Look?
Materials are an extremely important element of urban style—one that should really drive your design. Rustic wood finishes paired with metallic accents are the perfect pair. For example, in an urban-chic dining room, a table with a planked, rough-sawn surface and industrial-style metal legs will take the spotlight—it’s the perfect combination of new and old that’s seen in urban style furniture. Shiny metallic decorative accents and neutral-colored upholstered dining chairs will add that contemporary touch to round out the look.

When it comes to creating an urban living room, weathered wood finishes and metal accents will still play front and center. When it comes to your sofa, go for a rich fabric upholstery or a faux leather sofa in a sleek silhouette.

Which Rooms Should I Design with Urban Style?
Urban style furniture is a majorly trending look, so why not showcase it in rooms everyone can see? This modern, sleek look makes waves in the living room or dining room, and the fashion-forward vibe is sure to keep your guests buzzing. This style can be rocked in the bedroom too, but make sure it’s one that you’ll feel cozy winding down in.