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Boho Chic

Frequently Asked Boho Furniture & Decor Questions

Boho Chic Style by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
If you’re a creative soul filled with wanderlust and big dreams, boho chic style probably calls out to you. Boho decor combines global, exotic elements with a mix and match of eye-catching colors. The results? Totally chic, and so in style.

What are the Best Colors and Patterns for Boho Chic Style?
This is the fantastic thing about decorating for a boho chic look—all types of colors, patterns and textures work. This style isn’t perfectly pieced together. Instead, boho chic decor is all about collecting eclectic finds and showcasing your artistic side. To avoid going overboard, a good general rule of thumb is to stick to 2-3 primary colors, but other than that, feel free to design to your heart’s content. That’s the beauty of designing with boho furniture.

What Textiles Should I Use in a Boho Chic Room?
Steer clear of choosing materials that are all perfectly polished. To perfectly capture the boho chic look in your home, integrate pieces with gritty textures and rustic finishes. Cozy elements like shag texturing and frilly fringe are other visually intriguing options that add depth to your space. The main idea behind boho decor is to integrate pieces for a “found” look that mimics the collection of souvenirs, antiques and treasures of an eclectic world traveler.

Which Rooms in My Home Should I Decorate with Boho Chic Style?
At Ashley HomeStore, we carry a variety of styles, which includes plentiful boho furniture fit for any room in the house. To integrate the style in the living room, throw down a rug with an interesting pattern, adorn your sofa with a mix-and-match of throw pillows and sprinkle decor accents with exotic elements. In the dining room, consider a rustic-finish dining table set and decorative elements with bold patterns or eye-catching textures.

The bedroom or home office are other great choices to incorporate boho decor. The boho style embraces coziness and a mix-and-match of design elements, so it’s perfect for personal, private quarters.

If you want to spread boho style throughout your home, keep in mind how well this decor style works in kids’ bedrooms. Since boho home decor embraces wild colors and the free spirit inside us, it’s an ideal option for youth—playful, chic and imaginative.