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Frequently Asked Machine Woven Rug Questions

Machine Woven Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
With machine-woven rugs, you can rest easy—as quality and style are one in the same. Huge machines called power looms craft these rugs, and are controlled by computers for the design and execution. To an untrained eye, oftentimes you can’t even tell the difference between a machine-woven rug and a hand-woven rug, which makes the (often) lower price points of machine-woven rugs attractive and more accessible.

At Ashley HomeStore, we offer both as options, but realize budget is important, and hand-woven rugs aren’t always a realistic expense for consumers. You’ll be happy to know that machine woven rugs are built to last years and years with the proper care, and come in a wide variety of styles and materials.

Do These Rugs Come in Different Sizes?
Rooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our area rugs! While bedroom rugs are typically sized larger to cover the entire bed and dual nightstands, finding the right choice in the kitchen warrants something smaller such as a 3’X5’ or 4’X6’ area for a cushioning spot while prepping food. The same goes for other rooms, which may need a 5’X7’ or 4’X6’ rug to accentuate, without overcrowding.

Runner rugs in hallways and narrow alcoves are also taken into account here, spanning about 6’ wide and anywhere between 4’ to 9’ long. You can have the utmost confidence that machine-woven rugs will perform with durability and elevated style wherever they’re placed inside of your home.

Should Every Room Have a Machine Woven Rug?
Most rooms can benefit from having an area rug for a few reasons: not only for a break from tile or hardwood, but for carpeted floors it’s an easy solve for undesirable stains or high traffic areas that may wear down your floors. This is why living room rugs act as a barrier and style enhancer, all-in-one (especially if you have little ones)! Home office rugs also look sleek; for a touch of home, without compromising on the day-to-day workload.

If you’re having trouble matching textures or materials, since rugs can be tufted, flat weave, and more, check out our blog as a visual aid to help you through which would work best in your designated space.

Whatever your preference for placing machine-woven rugs, it’s sure to meet your requirements for colorful, stylish, and functional. Ashley HomeStore has everything you need to get started. Shop now, and make your floor an added sanctuary for your feet after a long day at work.