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Frequently Asked Living Room Rug Questions

Living Room Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Bring your living room decor to new heights with the simple addition of an area rug. Who knew that one little tweak could produce such stunning results? Living room rugs are undeniably one of the easiest ways to inject bold color and new life into your space—and not to mention ultimate coziness.

You’ll love how adding something as effortlessly simple as a rug will tie your whole living room decor together. From area rugs small to large, or refined to eccentric, there’s no telling what design steal you’ll discover at Ashley HomeStore. With our variety of styles, shapes and sizes, finding that perfect finishing piece is guaranteed to be a breeze.

Where Should I Place an Area Rug in My Living Room?
Living room rug placement actually isn’t as tricky as it seems. A popular, no-fail choice to set a living room area rug is under the coffee table. Since it’s more than likely the central spot of your living room, it makes the most sense to place living room rugs where they will be most easily seen and where they will get the most foot traffic. Just remember to add a rug pad for safety and you should be all set.

A styling tip that’s recommended by most interior design professionals is to go large when it comes to living room rugs. Set it under the coffee table, but make sure that the rug touches all the other main pieces of furniture in the room, such as the TV stand, sofa and end tables. Going with a larger area rug in the living room will help visually expand the space, instead of blocking off space like a smaller area rug may do.

What Are the Different Area Rug Sizes Available?
Whether you have a small studio space in the city or a large home in the suburbs, we have all kinds of area rug sizes available to fit your space seamlessly. In a smaller space, an area rug such as a 5’ X 8’ may be the most suitable fit. In more spacious rooms, large area rugs up to 9’ X 12’ might be the ideal choice.

No matter your living room decor needs, we have tons of living room rug sizes to choose from, so your next home decor decision will feel like a custom made fit.

How to Match an Area Rug’s Material and Style With My Living Room?
Choosing a large investment piece like a living room rug can be a little daunting, but picking the right area rug to match your living room decor isn’t nearly as difficult as it seems.

When it comes to materials, think of your lifestyle. If you have pets that shed, then perhaps a shaggy area rug won’t fare well (just think of all that clean-up). If you have young children, perhaps a plush-texture area rug would be a better choice than a flatweave rug over hardwood floors.

As far as style goes, we recommend looking to the colors and general vibe of your existing home decor. Just from the color palette alone, it should become easier to deduce which style best matches your living room. For example, if your space is filled with light neutrals, you may have an affinity to minimalist styling, which means you may find our selection of modern living room rugs particularly appealing.