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Frequently Asked Home Office Rug Questions

Home Office Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Stay productive—in style. Decorating your home office space with an area rug is the perfect solution to reining in the aesthetic you’re going for in your office decor. Not to mention, the cozy feel truly puts the “home” in home office.

Whether you’re an aficionado of modern styling or a fan of tried-and-true traditional style, you’re sure to find the one that speaks to you with our huge selection of home office rugs. Not only does Ashley HomeStore offer hundreds of styles and sizes to choose from, we also offer a value you cannot beat. When you do rockstar work, you deserve to feel like one too. Complete your personal haven with a rug for your home office that speaks volumes with its dazzling design.

Where Should I Place a Rug in My Home Office?
A no-fail spot to set home office rugs is underneath your desk. After all, it’s probably the spot you spend the most time in. Why not enjoy the cozy feel underfoot as much as you can? An office desk rug can comfort you as you work the daily grind.

If you have guest seating in your home office, setting an area rug underneath two guest chairs and table is another stylish option. This way, the rug can really take the focal point of the room.

Or, if your home office doubles as another space (such as a guest room, or exercise room), adding in a small rug can be a great way to define the two sections of your space. Small area rugs come in plentiful colors, textures and styles, so going with a smaller rug won’t limit your options in the slightest. Just remember that with any rug you decide to go with, securing it with a rug pad is generally recommended for safety—especially for rugs atop hard surfaces.

What Sizes Do Home Office Rugs Come In?
From as small as 3’ X 5’ to as large as 9’ X 12’, we guarantee that you’ll find just the right size rug for your office space. Medium-sized rugs, such as 5’ X 7’ or 7’ X 9’, are a popular choice for home offices since they add just enough pizzazz and texture without overcrowding your decor. Smaller options are great for adding just a touch of comfort, and larger rugs look amazing in spacious offices that have room to spare. Whatever your needs, we’re sure that we have a rug size that will feel like a custom-made fit for your home. For more help on finding the perfect rug size, make sure to check out our rug sizing guide for tons of tips.

What Materials and Styles Can I Find in Home Office Rugs?
When searching for that perfect home office rug, one of the first details you’ll want to factor in is general style. What style most closely resembles your current home office? Do you lean more towards the traditional or modern? You can narrow down on area rug pattern from there. For example, traditional rugs tend to feature florals and scrolling vines, while modern rugs tend to spotlight bold, graphic designs. And depending on your style and furniture choices, you might also need to consider shape. Traditional rugs tend to be rectangular, while modern or contemporary styles are also frequently made in round silhouettes.

Another detail to consider is color. If your home office space is teeming with neutral colors, then you’re safe to choose any bold color or print that catches your eye. However, if you already have a very distinct color palette in your space, it may be best to stick to a color that complements the existing decor.

Lastly, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer a flatweave rug, an ultra-plush rug or something that falls in between. If you have pets that shed a lot of hair, you may want to go with a rug that has a lower pile that’s easier to vacuum, or a flatweave that’s easy to lift, shake and vacuum.

Regardless of what’s on your must-have list, trust that you can find it all and more at Ashley HomeStore.