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Frequently Asked Hand Woven Rug Questions

Hand Woven Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
There’s a lot of hard work that goes into designing your home just as you envisioned in your dreams. That’s why we make it a priority to offer a wide variety of hand-woven rugs at Ashley HomeStore—because you shouldn't have to settle for ordinary. Adding a unique hand-woven rug that speaks to your personality is the perfect way to tie your space together. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of vibrant color, or incorporate a cozy piece that’s teeming with feel-good texture, trust that you can find it all at an incredible value. How’s that for a style win?

What Makes Hand Woven Material Different from Machine Woven?
To the untrained eye, identifying a notable difference between these two rug materials is tricky. Visually, there aren’t any huge differentiators. However, the differences between these two materials go beyond appearance and dive deeper into quality.

Hand-woven rugs tend to be of better quality and because of this, generally last longer than machine-woven rugs. Some are even manufactured as indoor/outdoor rugs because of their long-lasting quality . While some rugs, like those of the indoor/outdoor variety, may be crafted with a flatter, tighter weave, many are still plush and cozy.

One final difference you may want to consider about these two materials is that the hand-woven rugs tend to hold up better in value over time. Since the production and processing time is longer for hand woven materials, these rugs have a higher value than the easily-made machine-woven rugs.

What Sizes Can I Find in Hand Woven Rugs?
Whether you want to roll out the comfort in a small space, or have lots of room to cover, we have a hand-woven area rug in just about any size you’d need. In a smaller home office space, you may find that a 5’ X 7’ area rug suits the space just fine. In a larger living area, opting for a rug that measures 8’ X 10’ may be a better choice. Regardless of the room you’re decorating, you’ll find our wide range of sizes will accommodate your wish list nicely.

How Can I Use Hand Woven Rugs in Each Room of my Home?
Hand-woven rugs add an extra layer of comfort underfoot, which is a welcome addition for any room. Just imagine waking up each morning in your bedroom, greeted by the soft texture of a hand-woven wool rug between your toes. It’s hard to beat that feeling.

In a home office, an area rug with bright colors can really liven up your space, all while helping motivate you as you get your work done. And in the living room, a rug not only helps define your design, but it also provides a soft, sumptuous break from hard tile or wood floors—especially if it’s a warm, shaggy woven wool rug.