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Frequently Asked Entryway Rug Questions

Entryway Rugs by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
First impressions are always important, so greet guests with a rug that will ensure you get high praise. Entryway rugs are a perfect segue from outdoor greetings to indoor comfort. Placing an area rug at the entrance of your home is quick, easy, and adds style right at the forefront when you answer the door.

The indoor counterpart to a doormat, entry rugs welcome guests, while simultaneously acting as an intermediary between guests’ shoes and the floor. Not only does this catch extra dirt that could be tracked into the house, but it’s also a way to express your style and cover up any unsuspecting stains underneath that are better left hidden (accidents happen).

Saying hello has never been easier with Ashley HomeStore’s extensive selection of rugs—from runner rugs to small, concise sizing, it’ll feel like a custom fit.

Where do I Place my Entryway Rug?
All indoor entry rugs are not created equal, which means they don’t necessarily have to be placed right when someone walks in. If your home has a narrow foyer, a welcome runner rug a few paces from the door is perfectly acceptable to guide guests toward the rest of the house. Especially useful for adding a pop of color to an area that might be lacking, we recommend taking size and shape into account with your space first—from there, you can experiment with placement to your heart’s content.

By a doorway, rectangular rugs fit more snugly, while round rugs can spotlight a foyer staircase or nook by the window beautifully.

How Many Different Sizes are There to Choose From?
Even if you can’t conceptualize the kind of accent rug you’re currently looking for, trust that Ashley HomeStore has the right size to fit for your needs. Spanning from contemporary, traditional, eclectic, and worldly, the assortment, patterned with splendor and style, comes as small as 2’X3’ and goes up to 9’X12’.

For an entryway runner, typically around 6’ wide, these sizes can range from 4’ to 9’ long. The right size has the ability to make your foyer look bigger, too! But choose one that’s too bulky, and it can shrink the room, as well, so size it carefully before purchasing.

We have plenty of recommendations to get you started on our rug sizing guide; check it out here.

What Materials and Styles are Available?
Just like our many sizes, rugs have multiple materials and styles available to choose from. Opt for something with higher durability for entryway or foyer rugs, since it’s going to be a high traffic area. Materials such as polypropylene and jute, although not as plush, are designed to withstand wear and tear over a longer period of time due to their fiber construction.

Because of this, make sure you have a rug pad that’s fitted to your entryway rug—this will keep it in place, and also help prevent any possible slips as people are entering (we all know rain and muddy days are inevitable, which can reduce traction on shoes).

That said, anything with a faded motif, elegant latticework, or vine patterning are viable options for adorning your entryway with that extra bit of oomph.