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Frequently Asked Memory Foam Mattress Questions

Memory Foam Mattresses at Ashley Furniture HomeStore
A great night’s sleep starts with your mattress. This foundation can make or break how restfully you sleep and how relaxed your body is the next day. From an Ashley memory foam mattress by Ashley-Sleep to a Mattress in A Box to a gel infused foam mattress from best selling, trusted brands, you can find the perfect memory foam mattress for you and your family. With options that range in sizes and firmness, you won’t find another just-right bed that competes in terms of comfort and price.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?
Memory foam mattresses are made of a special viscoelastic foam that conforms to the contours of your body to provide ache-free support. This material also gives the mattress its special motion absorption properties, ensuring that sleepers can sleep soundly through the night regardless of movement and other disruptions. Whether you’re a side-sleeper, a body pillow-sleeper, a back-sleeper or a tummy-sleeper, a memory foam mattress is a great all-around choice that will give you incredible pressure relief. To learn more about memory foam mattresses and their benefits, read this blog.

How Often Should a Foam Mattress be Rotated?
The new generation of memory foam mattresses is more durable and supportive than the first wave of foam mattresses. Whether you have a plush memory foam mattress or a firm memory foam mattress, it’s still a good practice to rotate your mattress to prolong its lifespan and create more even wear and tear, especially if you sleep with a partner. The rule of thumb, is to rotate your mattress 180 degrees every three months to once a year. You can do this every time you clean your mattress or set specific reminders to rotate.

What are the Benefits of Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattresses?
A gel infused memory foam mattress is made from a viscoelastic foam with gel beads made of thermal gel or a phase changing gel. These materials help make this type of memory foam mattress sleep cooler by retaining less heat and increasing air flow and cooling. The gel beads imbedded in the foam also provide extra density, making your bed more durable and comfortable. If sleeping cool is an issue for you, make sure to use breathable bedding made of natural materials.