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Frequently Asked Innerspring Mattress Questions

Innerspring Mattresses at Ashley Furniture HomeStore
The innerspring mattress is a trusted mattress style that will never fail you. This traditional bed still retains its popularity since they’re more affordable and more versatile than other types of mattresses. Whether you’re a back sleeper, a stomach sleeper or a side sleeper, an innerspring mattress accommodates many sleeping positions. If you’re a heavyweight sleeper or have back pain, don’t fear. Today’s innerspring mattresses have new features that make them a solid choice for a variety of sleepers. At Ashley HomeStore, you’re sure to find the mattress of your dreams.

What is an Innerspring Mattress?
An innerspring is not a box spring mattress, it’s much more sophisticated than a foundation or a bed base. An innerspring mattress uses a system of steel coils to support the sleeper. Each make and brand of mattress has its own proprietary spring shape, design, gauge and number of coils, making each mattress unique. To make sure sleepers don’t feel the coils, the innerspring layer is covered by padding and upholstery so all you feel is gentle support and comfort. To learn more about choosing a mattress, read this blog.

How to Break In an Innerspring Mattress?
When you get a new mattress it may feel overly firm and stiff like a new pair of shoes. Breaking in a new spring mattress, regardless of whether it’s a twin innerspring mattress or a queen-size, is an important task that helps you sleep more soundly. With most innerspring mattresses the break in period is fairly short, lasting around four weeks. You can break it in by simply sleeping on it and letting the mattress slowly flex and conform to your body, or you can speed up the process. If you want to break in your mattress quicker, the easiest way to do so is by making sure that your innerspring has time to breathe and air out on the bed before using it. The added oxygen will soften the materials in the mattress, and letting it rest allows the springs to settle into the proper shape. Adding weight by pressing your hands firmly across different areas of the mattress will also help increase the flexibility of the materials.

How Often Should a Spring Mattress Be Rotated?
If you’re not rotating your spring mattress then you’re seriously reducing its lifespan. While you should always follow the recommendations from your mattress brand, rotating your mattress is an important task that helps it retain its shape and recover from prolonged use. Rotation ensures that the most-used areas have time to snap back, preventing sagging and dipping. The general rule is to remove bed pillows and bedding and rotating the mattress 180 degrees every three months to once a year. Using these guidelines, you can rotate as much as you’d like depending on how much weight and stress you put on your mattress.