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Frequently Asked Living Room Lighting Questions

Living Room Lighting by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
We all spend a considerable amount of time in the living room (hence its namesake), so make it a place that’s worth coming home to. Ashley HomeStore has trendy living room lighting available to illuminate every square foot—for an instant transformation of your space from drab to absolutely fab.

The right lighting in your living room can make a considerable difference without you even realizing it. Whether you achieve added lighting through living room floor lamps, or even chandeliers in the living room, you’re sure to make a dramatic impact that looks like it was curated by an interior designer. All it takes is a little bit of layered lighting, and the right placement.

What Different Types of Light Fixtures are Out There?
These days, light comes in all shapes, sizes, and assortments, so you have a plethora of options to choose from. Wall lights have gorgeous ambiance beside an entertainment center; living room table lamps look positively chic on end tables, and have a variety of base styles and mixed media finishes; pendant lights off-center from a sectional offer so much “reclaimed” appeal.

Whether they hang from the ceiling, perch on a wall, or reside on the floor, there are multiple forms of lighting you can combine for that dreamy setting you’ve always wanted. All you need to do is assemble, and flip the switch.

How do I Get Full Lighting in my Living Room?
As mentioned before, having layered lighting can easily provide you with a professional, chic look. Combining the three kinds of lighting—ambient, accent, and task lighting—is a surefire way to nail day-to-day needs in the living room. Beside your favorite oversized chair, place a table lamp on top of an end table for a harmonized finish that’s still cozy and not too “dark.” If there’s no room for an end table, opt for a floor lamp with an arc so you can direct the flow of light where you need it most.

Lights for the living room ceiling are important for overall lighting throughout the room (with a dimmer, this can make transferring from daily lighting to mood or romance lighting very easily). This can be a chandelier, ceiling fan, or even light pendant set—just don’t be afraid to play around with placement and levels to keep things interesting to the eye. All these things combined will create layers of lighting that truly encompass your space with style and a fine eye for design.

What Materials and Styles Will Match Any Room Style?
To avoid a harsh clash of materials and finishes, for the modern stylist, go for silver and gold tones depending on the palette of the room. If there are more warm colors and jewel tones, gold has a way of bringing out the vibrancy of the colors. For cool tones, silver is an ever-trendy accompaniment on light fixtures. For a seamless blend into any room, white is a classy choice that you can’t go wrong with selecting.

Neutral tones will always perform well in almost any style—from boho to country chic to farmhouse—while also accentuating your furniture with a glow that resonates. We invite you to learn more from our blog on living room lighting, in order to gather more inspiration and fun tidbits for illuminating your most frequented area of the home.

With Ashley HomeStore’s wide selection, we’re confident you’ll find a fixture that speaks to your personality, while also making your living room a stylish relaxation hub for you and your family.