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Frequently Asked Bedroom Lighting Questions

Bedroom Lighting by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Your bedroom is like your sanctuary. It’s your place to wind down, dream and recharge. When it comes to dressing up your space with cozy comforters and plush pillows, don’t forget about the all-too-important bedroom lighting. The light solutions you choose in your bedroom may be more important than you think. Although your bedroom is a place for rest, it’s also where you get dressed in the morning, or where you sit back and read. Adding in stylish pendant lighting or bedroom lamps for nightstands can truly make all the difference in both your day-to-day life, and in your room’s overall aesthetic. And at Ashley HomeStore, you can expect to find a wide range of styles all at an incredible value. It’s the bedroom of your dreams made into reality.

How Do You Style Your Bedroom with Different Light Fixture Types?
There’s always the classic duo of table lamps on a nightstand, but if you want to branch out, there’s plenty of inspirational lighting ideas you can choose from. Hanging bedroom pendant lights look so refined placed over nightstands. Plus, you save on tons of nightstand surface space by hanging your lighting instead of setting it down like you would with a traditional table lamp.

As for ceiling lighting in the bedroom, a ceiling fan is a very classic choice. If your room doesn’t need the extra circulation or cooling, then you may want to consider a statement piece like a chandelier or pendant. This look can even be pulled off in smaller-scale bedrooms—just make sure to choose a central light that’s sized at a sensible ratio to the room.

Lights for your bedroom wall is another interesting option to consider. Candlelit wall sconces add a high-drama, romantic feel to any bedroom. Flanked on each side of your headboard, a wall sconce duo would add a very chic, fashion-forward touch. And if you find yourself struggling with light when getting ready in the mornings, vanity light fixtures over your dresser mirror or full-length mirror can be a very stylish fix.

What Is the Proper Amount of Light for a Bedroom?
It all depends on your lifestyle. If your bedroom is only used as a place to wind down and sleep, then a couple table lamps or a ceiling light fixture should suffice. However, if you spend time in your bedroom reading, putting on makeup or doing other tasks, then it’s highly suggested to layer the lighting.

What Kinds of Styles and Materials Can I Find in Bedroom Lighting?
No matter your personal style, there’s a lighting solution that’s sure to be a perfect match. You’ll find that many modern bedroom light solutions are made with clear or high-shine materials, and are crafted with sleek lines or contemporary curves. Urban-industrial lighting tends to utilize metals and incorporates exposed bulbs in their designs. For traditional lighting options, you’ll see that many integrate fanciful scrollwork or turned wood details. And if your personal style is somewhere in between? No problem. There are hundreds of options to choose from at Ashley HomeStore.