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Frequently Asked Kitchen Trash & Recycling Bins Questions

Kitchen trash & recycling bins are the most unnoticed hardworking objects in the kitchen — as they should be. After all, if you or your guests notice the kitchen trash can or kitchen recycling bins, these containers aren't doing their job of keeping the kitchen tidy and odor-free.

Yet even though it's practical, a kitchen trash can with a lid can still look stylish, plus make kitchen cleanup more manageable. Some polypropylene models with a satin metallic finish look as sleek as a stainless steel trash can and at about half the price. A step-on kitchen trash can with a foot pedal or one that includes a motion sensor (either battery-powered or through a power cord) also helpfully opens the lid when your hands are full.

What is the Best Type of Waste Bin to Use in a Kitchen?
Some kitchen trash cans or recycling bins have removable inner bins or buckets, which make cleaning the can easier if the contents leak. A large kitchen trash can with an open-top offers convenience and saves you the chore of cleaning the lid; these models also can include replaceable odor filters that some users say are strong enough even to fool pets.

Whether you're shopping for a small or tall kitchen trash can, look for materials that wipe clean easily and resist fingerprints. We also like any style that features an inner ring or similar device that keeps the garbage bag from slipping.

What Size trash can do I need in my kitchen?
The 13-gallon kitchen trash can is by far the most popular size, but kitchen trash cans have a standard size of about 12 to 16 gallons, depending on your space and needs. If you prefer a lidless can that can hide inside a cabinet, a smaller size is just right. On the other hand, if you have a growing family or do a lot of entertaining, you might like a larger size.

Where Should I Put a Trash Can in My Kitchen?
Put a kitchen trash can in a place that's easily accessible while you're cooking or entertaining yet out of the way of foot traffic. Many kitchen layouts include pull-out trash bins or tilting trash bins under the counters or near the sink, or they designate a kitchen trash can cabinet for this reason.

Although this keeps the trash out of view, some people find a kitchen trash can with a lid that sits next to an island or other prep area more convenient. A slim kitchen trash receptacle can blend in seamlessly in a space between the edge of the countertop and a kitchen appliance such as the refrigerator.