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Frequently Asked Spice Rack Questions
Just like spices add flavor to your cooking, a spice rack adds stylish zest to your kitchen, keeping your favorite spices and gourmet seasonings organized and easily within reach. Although many home cooks prefer a wall-mounted spice rack near the stove, spice rack ideas include shelves that tuck inside a cabinet or a carousel you can move from the counter to the table.

What is the Best Way to Store Spices?
How you store spices and herbs in your kitchen depends on your kitchen’s layout and cooking habits. Air food containers, such as glass jars with lids, can help keep spices fresh, preferably keep them in a cool place out of direct sunlight.

A drawer spice rack or an over-the-door spice rack inside a cabinet or the pantry helps spices and herbs stay fresh, organized, and in relatively cool, dark conditions. However, some people prefer arranging spices, herbs, and seasonings in a wall spice rack with tiny shelves or in a countertop spice rack that turns small jars of garlic, paprika, kosher salt, pepper, and cilantro into an artful display.

What Can I Use for a Spice Rack?
Because they come in several sizes and configurations, a spice rack offers the opportunity for creativity, especially if you’re organizing spices in a small space. A narrow or expandable spice rack with two or three tiers can fit snugly inside a cabinet or a corner of the counter without looking cluttered. A revolving spice rack with one or two tiers uses just a bit of space, fitting six to 12 spices within about 6 to 8 inches. Use them inside a cabinet or on the counter. Some models also have a handle so you can carry them to the table at mealtime.

A small kitchen shelf unit, either wall-mounted or a model that hangs over the door, makes a fine spice rack, collecting spice containers of different sizes neatly and off the countertop. Other spice rack ideas make the most of drawer space or tilt out from the underside of a cabinet. Some contemporary spice racks hold spices and seasonings in a sleek configuration that guests will admire near the stove or on the table, sparking conversation before everyone sits down to eat.