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Frequently Asked Kitchen Shelf Questions
Kitchen shelves make organization decorative and easy. Kitchen shelf ideas range from kitchen cabinet shelving that can enhance your current storage options to a kitchen shelf organizer, such as coated steel tiers for holding pots and pans for easy access.

Floating kitchen shelves, also known as an open shelving kitchen, have become a popular option in recent years, especially for kitchen designs with little cabinet space. Whatever kitchen shelf ideas you have, designers have created a variety of kitchen storage options to suit your budget and your style.

Are Open Shelves Cheaper than Cabinets?
Installing open shelves in your kitchen is less expensive than installing cabinets because shelves require fewer building materials. You can purchase open shelves in several widths, and they’ll cost less than buying cabinetry.

Also, unlike installing cabinets, you don’t have to reconfigure the kitchen to install floating kitchen shelves. They can go as high up the wall as you like or tuck into a space where you’re often wishing you had storage, such as above the sink.

What Do You Put on Open Kitchen Shelves?
Designers recommend putting dishware and glasses that you use daily on open shelves. Coordinated plates, bowls, and mugs add a functional yet contemporary style to this living space. Using kitchen wall shelves for these items also adds convenience in the morning and encourages family members and guests to help themselves.

What’s more, because you use these items often, you won’t worry about dust buildup. You can still store a serving pitcher, decorative tray, or specialty glassware on kitchen wall shelves. Just be mindful to clean them before using them, especially if they’ve been on display for a while.

What is the Best Material for Pantry Shelves?
This depends on your home’s style. Your pantry might have built-in wooden or wood-like shelves, similar to bookcase shelves. While these are great for holding the weight of cans, packaged foods, cookbooks, small appliances, and wines, they can become a catchall for loose snack foods and packets.

Coated steel shelving is popular in the kitchen because it’s relatively inexpensive, sturdy, provides room for air to circulate, and allows for easy cleanup. Yet, some packages can fall through the slots. Baskets and other organizers can keep this type of shelving tidy, as can using placemats as shelf liners.

If your pantry space allows, you can mix and match different kitchen shelves and organizers to suit your needs, such as installing a wire spice rack or wrap dispenser above a shelf or on the pantry door.