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Frequently Asked Mini Fridge & Freezer Questions


Mini Fridges & Freezers by Ashley

Imagine you’re watching your favorite show with your family or friends, eating popcorn and sipping on a refreshing beverage. You reach for your drink and take a sip, only to discover that there is none left. Instead of walking all the way to the kitchen and missing your show to nab another drink, you instead simply reach down to your handy new mini fridge and grab another cold one out! Such is the power of the small but mighty mini fridge. Read on to learn how Ashley’s many amazing mini fridge options will bring convenience and luxury to your life!


What are Mini Fridges & Freezers?

A mini fridge and freezer is a smart, space-saving small kitchen appliance  that can be used as a primary refrigerator in apartments and offices. A countertop-sized mini fridge with freezer can even be permanently installed in smaller kitchens. These appliances have a small footprint and large capacity for drinks, frozen foods, and snacks, making them ideal for any size home or room. People with larger homes can still make use of a small mini fridge and mini freezer as overflow for extra food and drinks, or as a convenient beverage holder in home gyms, game rooms, bar areas, and garages.


What Is the Best Mini Fridge and Freezer to Buy?

The best mini fridge and freezer is the one that is the right size and capacity for your space. New college students outfitting a dorm or apartment often ask themselves, “Should I bring a mini fridge to college?” And new homeowners might wonder how they can best relax and enjoy their new home and rooms. Consider the features you need and the footprint of the models you’re considering. For example, a small fridge with reversible doors can fit pretty much anywhere, whereas two-door models take up more floor space but tend to have frozen storage. Not needing a compact fridge for daily use? Then an affordable compact minifridge with wire racks may be perfect. Whatever your situation, Ashley carries a mini drink fridge and mini chest freezer to maximize the comfort and convenience of every living space.


What Are the Standard Sizes of Mini Fridges?

Compact refrigerators vary in size from 1.7 cubic feet up to 4.5 cubic feet. A small cube-shaped mini-fridge measures around 17 inches wide, 18 inches deep, and 20 inches tall. A larger mini fridge with included freezer measures around 19 inches wide, 20 inches deep, and 43 inches tall. Make sure to measure your space before purchasing to ensure you’re getting the correct size mini fridge for your space. But don’t worry! Whether you’re needing it for a dorm, apartment, or sprawling new home, the mini fridge and freezer make a great addition to every room.