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Frequently Asked Wall Mirrors Questions

Wall Mirrors by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Shiny, reflective and light-enhancing, a wall mirror is a great way to make a space feel bigger and add interest. From frameless to geometric, mirrors can capture many different kinds of moods and reflect many different kinds of styles. Whether you are inspired by bohemian designs reminiscent of Moroccan shapes and mosaics or prefer more modern, contemporary motifs, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has a mirror that will make your space feel sleek and polished.

Where to Hang a Wall Mirror?
Much like other wall decor, wall mirrors also have their tried and true placements around the home. Mirrors have the ability to make a room feel much larger due to their reflectivity, that’s why they’re perfect for entryways and small hallways. Hang an eye-catching piece above a console to give guests a beautiful, warm welcome into your home. The dining room is another great area for a large dramatic focal point. Oversized wall mirrors are perfect for this space since they make the room feel bigger and reflect the light off of grand chandeliers or romantic candles. Another important space for a mirror is the bathroom — a bathroom without a mirror feels unfinished and just plain wrong. If you want to experiment with placement and layouts, consider buying a wall mirror set so you can find the perfect arrangement for your style.

Framed vs. Frameless Mirrors?
A framed mirror has a frame and a frameless mirror does not. Generally, frameless mirrors are just one smooth piece of reflective glass but sometimes these mirrors feature a bevel. Framed mirrors can be made with a variety of framing materials and finishes. Some are made with reclaimed wood, metal, mother of pearl and even composite materials. If you want to learn more about wall decor, check out this blog for helpful tips.

Best Shaped Mirror for Your Room and Style?
Long gone are the days when mirrors came in only round, square and rectangle. Now mirrors can be cut in a variety of intricate shapes and bevels. Purveyors of modern decor can now find mirrors that come in odd geometric shapes like organic pebbles shapes, rhombuses and even hexagons. For lovers of all things eclectic, mirrors now come in shapes inspired by old-world and Moorish architecture. But if you’re a dyed in the wool traditionalist, a round wall mirror is a classic form that will never go out of style. Whatever wall hangings suit your fancy, Ashley HomeStore has the largest stock of home furnishings and decor, so you can always find a special item that speaks to you.