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Frequently Asked Curtains and Drapes Questions

Curtains and Drapes by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Long curtains and silky drapes add drama and glamour to rooms like no one’s business. From casual to ornate, these elegant window dressings can shift the feel of a room in seconds. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right curtains and drapes that complement your existing furniture and accent decor like your blankets and throws. Whatever you’re looking for, Ashley HomeStore has the perfect set of panel curtains to accentuate and highlight your windows.

How to Match Curtains and Drapes to Your Room?
Look around your room, are there textures, colors and patterns that you can build off of and incorporate into your drapes? Let’s say you have a set of throw pillows covered in a colorful paisley pattern. You can tie this design into your drapes by looking for similar curtain patterns in a neutral color. Doing so makes your room look more cohesive since a small accent like the cushion print is being reflected in a bigger piece of decor. Take time to experiment and try to tie your curtains to another characteristic like the color of your sofa or a hue in your rug or a print in a throw. To learn about mistakes you should avoid when decorating, read this blog full of decorating no-nos.

How Are Curtains Measured?
There are several steps you have to take when measuring your curtains. The first is choosing the mounting style. These days curtains are generally mounted outside the window frame since inside mounting has become old-fashioned. Outside-mount curtains also make your windows look much larger, give privacy and provide coverage to block out the light. Then, you decide if you’ll be mounting your curtain rod along your window frame or four to six inches above the window frame for additional height. Depending on what look you like best, the illusion of a wider window or the illusion of higher ceilings, you then mount your rod. From this point on, you can measure your desired curtain length. If you want your curtains to hang above the sill, measure from your rod to about one centimeter above the windowsill. If you want your curtains to end below the sill, measure from your rod to 15 cm below the windowsill. Short curtains for the bedroom should follow this rule to create a balanced effect. For floor-length, simply measure from the rod straight to the floor.

Creative Uses for Curtains?
Curtains don’t have to be used only on windows; you can repurpose these beautiful textiles in a number of ways. If you have a pair of old curtains for living room that you’re just not into anymore, you can upcycle the fabric into throw pillow covers or use it as upholstery for headboards or poufs. You can hang curtains to cover an unattractive closet or hang a few under a lofted bed to create a magical pillow fort for the kids.