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Frequently Asked Table Clocks Questions

Table Clocks by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Table clocks have gone from essential items to decor. Whether you fancy pieces that are ultra-traditional or rustic, Ashley Furniture HomeStore is your one-stop-shop for all your decorative needs.

Best Place for a Table Clock?
Table clocks make the ideal accent for most surfaces. Clocks can be put on shelves, desks, bookcases and even accent tables as a way to add functionality and decor. But the most ideal space is in the office. If you’re looking for an office clock, tell time in style with a beautiful timepiece that complements the size of the accessories on your desk — you don’t want a giant clock on your table, ticking away and reminding you of the time.

Different Style Table Clocks?
There are tons of decorative table clock styles out there. If you have a hyper-traditional room, an antiqued or weathered clock is the perfect complement to a more timeless aesthetic. Fans of contemporary interiors should search for table clocks or wall clocks with large faces and bold numbers for a punchy and modern feel. If you’re nostalgic, flip clocks are even making a come-back. Whatever your style, just choose the timepiece that speaks to you. For more ideas, tips and tricks read this helpful guide!

What are Table Clock Sizes?
Table clocks come in a variety of sizes but most are around eight inches in diameter. In some instances, they can be a few inches larger or smaller, but they’ll still be perfect pieces that you can fit onto tables and desks. Oftentimes, you can even find a metal table clock that’s small enough to tuck in-between books on a shelf.