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Frequently Asked Candles and Candle Holders Questions

Candles and Candle Holders by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Candles and beautiful candle holders are that cherry-on-top that can completely change the feel of a room. From flameless LED candles to a fashionable range of candle holders, Ashley Furniture HomeStore has an assortment of options that add warmth, coziness and charm to a space.

How Many Candles per Table Do You Need?
You can never have too many candles, but depending on the size and length of the table there are some elegant tips you can use. Let’s say you have a long rectangular table that’s 60 inches long; placing candles in three glass votive candle holders separates the table into three distinct parts that add interest. If you have a round dining room table, or prefer a centerpiece, place an odd number of candles in a variety of heights at the center to create a chic, effortless ambiance. Accent tables, on the other hand, don’t have the space to accommodate a large centerpiece or decorative flourish. Instead, opt for a beautiful singular candle holder that showcases your style. Coffee tables have a more versatile shape that can hold a variety of candles. From large wooden candle holders to lanterns, you can create a pleasing ambiance that adds warmth to your living room.

Where To Add Candles?
From your walls to decorative trays to your ceiling to your kitchen dining room table, you can add candles as a homey touch to practically every corner of your home. Candle wall sconces add a unique flair that’s reminiscent of Spanish-style haciendas. If that’s not your style, mirrored wall candle holders magnify light to vividly brighten up your room — and don’t worry about fire hazards, Ashley HomeStore offers a range of flameless LED candles so your walls don't get singed. If you have grand ceilings, hang up a variety of candle lanterns for a Moroccan and boho-inspired design in your entranceway. For more low-key ideas, add candle holders to your office desk area to create a meditative space or liven up an old bookshelf with a minimalistic, metal lantern set. If you want more helpful ideas like these, read this blog from our experts.

What Are The Candle Holder Sizes For Your Style?
Regardless of style, candle holders come in a variety of sizes so you’re not limited to using a specific dimension. It is helpful to keep in mind the size of your candle and the candle holder itself. If you’re using a large embellished wooden lantern, you should opt for a votive candle or a larger pillar candle for a long-lasting brightness, rather than using a tea light. Light-enhancing glass candle holders, on the other hand, can hold long, sleek taper candles that harken back to traditional design and interiors. Simply look at your candle holder and see what size is appropriate, but don’t be afraid to mix and match different candle sizes with your holder — decor is all about experimentation and self-expression.