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Frequently Asked Small Outdoor Spaces Questions

Small Outdoor Spaces by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
The outdoor area of your home should be a peaceful escape from work, kids and other obligations – no matter the size! With outdoor furniture for small spaces from Ashley Furniture HomeStore, you can find the perfect pieces to fit even the tiniest of patios, backyards and outdoor areas. Whatever your needs, we have outdoor dining sets, small patio furniture and more that beats the competition in price and quality.

What are Multi-functional Furniture Pieces for Outdoor Spaces?
If you’re working with a smaller outdoor space, you need to consider picking items that have more than one purpose. Conversation sets with built-in fire pits are great options since they serve as dining tables as well as warmth on cold nights. Bar tables that incorporate outdoor storage are perfect for smaller spaces since they provide much-needed space for items. A small backyard or patio shouldn’t deter you from making the most of your outdoor space – all you have to do is pick out smart furniture!

How to Decorate a Small Patio
The easiest way to make a small patio sparkle and shine is by decorating it like any other room in your home. Outdoor sectionals for small spaces are great pieces since they provide a laid-back and polished feel while giving homeowners the ideal amount of seating. If you want to make a little tweak without buying new furniture, place a small outdoor rug under your outdoor seating to add pattern and color. Indoor outdoor pillows bring life into your outdoor space with ease and are made to withstand the elements. If you just want to add one focal piece into your small patio, a hammock might be right for you.

How to Save Space in a Backyard
Maximizing space in a pint-sized backyard is all about choosing the right furniture. Picking a small patio table is of utmost importance, since it drastically changes the visual landscape of your outdoor area. Ideally, you should pick a table that also includes storage so you can hide all your precious items, tools and supplies out of sight. Once you have a small table picked out, you can then build off of that to find perfect-sized chairs. A pro-tip: choose seating that is made with sheer mesh or slats – this creates an illusion that pieces are not as large as they seem. If you want to learn more about the best outdoor furniture for small spaces, check out this blog.