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Frequently Asked TV Stands & Media Centers Questions

TV Stands and Media Centers by Ashley HomeStore
With a wide variety of styles and materials, tv stands and media centers from Ashley HomeStore are a great option if you need durability and versatility. Whatever your needs, we have something just-right for you. Trust Ashley Furniture HomeStore to bring your space to life with superior living room accents and furniture.

What Size Entertainment Center is Best for My Living Room?
If you’re wondering, “What size entertainment center should I get?” Listen up. To determine the proper size for your tv entertainment center, you need to measure your television. The diagonal measurement of your TV won’t help here; you need to measure the width. Doing so will ensure that your furniture can hold your TV without posing a safety risk to friends and family. Once you get the appropriate width then you can see which size is right for you. Most entertainment centers range from 42 to 85 inches in width, giving you a variety of sizes to choose from.

How Tall Should a TV Stand Be?
The height of your living room TV stand should be around your seated eyeline. This height makes it easy for you to watch television without straining your neck or back. Most tv stands are made under 30 inches high so it’s easier for you to buy the appropriate height. However, you should measure. Enlist the help of a friend and have them measure from the floor to your eye while you are seated on the couch. This measurement should equal the height of your tv stand plus the extra inches between the stand and the center of your tv.

What TV Stand Material is Best for My Style?
The material for your tv stand or home media center should mimic or contrast the other pieces of furniture in your living room. If you have an unfinished wood coffee table, consider a tv stand made with a similar look to add balance to the space. If you have a black veneer end table, find a black tv stand. If you have no tables in your living space, reflect the color of your couch, chairs or accents into the material of your tv stand.