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Frequently Asked Serveware Questions

Serveware by Ashley Furniture HomeStore
Nothing looks more appetizing than food delicately placed on a beautiful tray. From metallic bowls that make lemons and limes look like orbs of color to iron and wood trays that make breakfast in bed look even better, Ashley HomeStore has a robust collection of serveware that will make you shout: “Dinner is served.”

What are the Serveware for Entertaining?
When hosting, there are three main serveware and entertaining essentials that you need to know. Bowls are a host’s trusty sidekick. These versatile pieces can be filled with just about anything and look elegant while doing it. Trays are also a great piece of serveware to have in your home since they can be used for functional and decorative purposes. From afternoon tea to desserts on the patio to snacks for the kids, trays make it easy to move food and drinks from room to room with ease. If you love to throw large parties without a lot of hassle, a beverage tub is an easy, no-frills way to serve drinks and even fruit!

What is the Best Serveware Material for Your Style?
Depending on your interior design style, there’s a corresponding material that can highlight and enhance the look that you’re after. For lovers of rustic and farmhouse designs, wood serveware embraces those rugged, nature-inspired elements that make your home feel warm and unpretentious. If you prefer retro-chic, use materials like galvanized metal serveware and drinkware. If you enjoy a modern look, metal serverware have clean lines and metallic finishes that emphasize minimalistic designs. Traditionalists are often drawn to ceramic serveware since these bowls and trays evoke the feel of classic and time-honored design. More bohemian types will find that the folk and eclectic patterns that they are drawn to can be found in any material.

Different Uses of Serveware?
Whether it’s a wrought iron tray that’s used to hold coffee table books and fresh cut flowers or an outdoor entertaining serveware set, trays, bowls and even beverage tubs can have many purposes. Serveware can largely act as decor since these vessels and trays house a variety of items. Bowls, for example, can hold decorative wicker balls, fresh lemons and even potpourri. On the flipside, serveware has an essential purpose by being portable and functional, helping you to carry food and items from room to room. If you want to incorporate more serveware into your dinnerware and entertaining collection, buying a serveware set is ideal since these sets enable you to experiment with different styles and uses. If you want more helpful ideas like these, read this blog from our experts to get more tips and tricks.