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      Single Hole, 3 Hole Centerset, Toilet Brushes & Tissue Holders,3 Hole Widespread

Bathroom Faucets by Ashley

From the fashion-forward matte black to the luster of chrome, bathroom faucets add another layer of design to a bathroom’s aesthetic. Faucets are something you and your family use several times a day, so it’s more than OK to love how they look in every bathroom of the house!

Are bathroom faucets universal?

Choosing the correct bathroom sink faucets is essential because they’re not all alike. Single-hole faucets (where the handle is part of the faucet) are used when there is only one hole in the sink. Centerset faucets (which have separate handles for hot and cold) are for sinks with three holes. For three-holed sinks where the distance between the handles is six or more inches, opt for widespread faucets.

Will any faucet fit my sink?

Redecorating a bathroom from scratch is the ideal time to consider what kind of bathroom faucets you want. Instead of finding a faucet that fits the sink, why not find a sink that fits the faucet? Other factors play a role as well, like which bathroom mirror best complements your sink. Considering all your options, ensures you’ll be happy with your choices.